Ball #3 o’ yarn! And other things

Ugh, I’ve been busy, almost too busy to even knit these days. Work was thrown into some large amount of chaos this past week, and I got caught up in the fray and unable to write entries that I’ve wanted to do. I haven’t even had time to finish my robot cheater quilt for Spoonflower, totally missing the cutoff date for their weekly. I’m sure a robot-themed something will come up again, which is pushing me to continue to work on it even with no deadline in sight.

Anyway, project #3 had some nice progress this weekend, and I’ve reached ball #3 of yarn! I got to spend an extended amount of time with my bff, Mayene (from Mayene Design) knitting and making some retro-ass knotted friendship bracelets. At first, we tried to do heart pattern that Mayene found from La Manufacture, but it didn’t turn out so great especially given that I’ve never made these bracelets before. We then went for a basic diagonal design before giving hearts a second shot. I ended up completing the heart pattern via some teal and bright pink yarn I had leftover from the crocheted octopi I made for PAY IT FORWARD. It didn’t make the bracelet any longer, but it certainly made it wider. I’m thinking of doing a longer black and red version so that I can hang it on my keys as a makeshift lanyard.

As a starter, Mayene linked me to Braceletbook, and what I saw there blew my mind. I’m definitely going to try a chevron design at the very least to get the basics down. It’ll have to be done in between knitting breaks though so I can guarantee that I will finish up the 3rd PAY IT FORWARD scarf. :)

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